• A campervan is a unique way to explore and a great alternative if tent camping is not for you. A campervan or motor home gives you the freedom to stop anywhere you like and have the comforts of home immediately available to you. You can drive in comfort whilst your living space and accommodation are right there behind you, ready to use.

    Worldwide the choice of camp trailers, campervans and motor homes is vast and choosing the right one for you can be a big decision. If buying or renting one you will need to research the different sizes, styles, shapes and functions but here is a basic introduction

    Towable Campers

    Camp trailers and Caravans

    A camp trailer can be towed behind your vehicle and converted when camping into a sleeping, cooking and living area. Varying in size and facilities offered, the basic models can be great if you want something more stable then a tent but do not want spend out on an expensive campervan. However camp trailers can be luxury, popping up to provide a full size bed, cooking and living facilities.

    Also in this category there are large towable campers and caravans which provide all the facilities you need for comfortable camping, these are a good option if you regularly visit the same location as there are campsites where you can fix your caravan or camper and return when you wish.

    Haven Holidays welcome all types of campers including those with their own caravan. If you don’t have a caravan or campervan then they have static caravans you can rent, along with Super tents, yurts, apartments and much more.
    BreakFree Holidays offer information on sites where you can pitch your caravan or campervan.

    Motorised campers

    4wd campers

    These campers offer some home comforts when you want to go off road or outback. Usually quite small in size and a robust design, they can sleep up to four people, either within the vehicle or in roof top tents. Facilities in 4wd campers usually include long- range fuel tanks, a stove, fridge, cooking equipment and sometimes a solar shower.

    2 berth campers
    These campers can range from basic pop top vans with convertible bed and basic cooking and living facilities to small but top of the range vans with shower and toilet facilities, full cooking facilities including a microwave and air conditioning.
    3/4 berth campers

    These campers are the next size up, comfortably accommodating three to four adults. Obviously larger to drive and with all the facilities you may need, including two double beds, bathroom facilities, cooking facilities and if renting often include extras such as a television and stereo.

    6 berth campers

    These large motor homes have everything you may need for a family holiday or maybe just the luxury of space for a smaller group. As you would expect these homes away from home will have everything you need. Offering all the facilities a four berth camper would but with the extra space.

    Motorized campers can be as large and luxury as you like as in some countries many large models are converted vans or buses. These can be custom made with all the home comforts you need and are often equipped for spending long periods of time out on the road.