• Music and performing arts festivals have always been a major part of the summer time activities available in the UK. The chance to spend a few days chasing around a muddy field from one stage to another to watch all your favourite bands playing under the same patch of sky is definitely an opportunity not to be missed and is becoming increasingly popular! Camping is a massive part of the festival experience, and, contrary to the many horror stories out there, can actually be a really enjoyable experience if you prepare well! Take a look at our top tips for staying healthy and happy at the festivals this summer.


    There are loads of types of festival accommodation to choose from. Tents are the most popular choice, and for good reason. Lightweight and easy to set up after a long journey, they are perfect if you simply want a place to keep your things and shut your eyes for a few hours each night…that is if you get the chance, after exploring the different activities available when the music stops! Searching for a free spot and trying to work out how to pitch your tent is all part of the experience and having your neighbours come over to say hi and offer help really makes you feel part of the bunch! There are many styles of tent to choose from, take a look at your choices in our Tent Types section.

    However, if you want a bit more security and comfort, why not try and get hold of a camper van or caravan? They take the hassle out of frantically pitching your tent before the sun goes down and often have cooking facilities on board, saving you money on notoriously expensive (but very tasty!) festival food! When others tents are being washed away in the mud slides you can be confident that you have a place to get away from it all!

    Most festivals put camper vans and caravans a bit of a trek away from the main action so if you want to be in the thick of it and save a long walk back at the and the of the day a great option is to hire one of the ready made camping ‘hutches’. There are a few different alternatives popping up at festivals around the country this year. One of the most popular being a ‘MyHab.’ This can be best described as an eco-friendly , durable, comfy and affordable alternative to a tent. A MyHab is not just a secure, recyclable hut for 2 people though. The guys at MyHab are all about making the festival experience as care free and enjoyable for you as they can. They not only set up your MyHab for you before you arrive, but they also set up MyVillage for you which includes hot showers and toilet facilities for you and your fellow MyHabbers! They are on site for the duration of the festival and on hand to help you settle in. Turning up to a friendly face, ready made accommodation that is not going to float away and bathroom facilities that aren’t used by 100,000+ people is definitely something worth doing You will be helping the environment too, and all for just